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He savored every little detail, taking in the dog's pain and feeding his powers with it.The flames around his skull grew brighter as he fed, till the sea of sparks ended and Ghost Rider let the dog drop to the floor before him.“Guilty,” Ghost Rider whispered, as orange sparks poured out of the dog's eyes, and into Rider's.He pulled the tainted soul into him, feeding off its essence, taking in the power of it all.

Snorting, Ghost Rider walked past her and out of the ally; not casting a single glance back at her or his victims.

She screamed out at the sensation of pain, kicking back at the dog who had grabbed her. " The figure stopped where he stood, the light dimming as he stood there, watching the dog; he chuckled at the figure holding the knife against the mare's neck even firmer now. That's a good little hero, now you stand right there or the blood of this filly is on you." He said, voice low and brimming with laughter. " As he spoke, the blood from the mare's neck dripped down her neck, slowly making its way down onto the dog's paw pooling there.

The others just kept laughing as another of the Diamond Dogs paced over to her. He gave his paw a light shake, sending the blood from his paw and onto the ally floor.

As the hoof falls got closer, of the dogs backed up, his breathing becoming more frantic with every breath as the light got closer. A trail of orange sparks seeped out of the dog's eyes and into Rider's, adding to Rider's flame growing brighter with each passing second. " He shouted, trying to backup as well, trying to get away. " The mare fell before Ghost Rider, staring up at him, eyes wide with tears forming in them.

He dropped the pipe he was carrying with him, taking several hurried steps backwards till he was against the brick wall of the ally's dead end. Slowly, Rider pulled away from the stare, letting out of a long sigh of satisfaction, as the dog below him went limp. Though like those he had cornered into this ally before, he was trapped, unable to find a way to escape the demon before him. " He shouted again, as he shook more violently now, the mare whimpering in pain as the knife dug into her flesh. Ghost Rider looked down at the mare, once again cocking his head.

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She knocked over trashcans as she ran, a desperate attempt to slow down her attackers, but they had all the time in the world to slowly stock their prey, enjoying her useless efforts to escape them.

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