Accommodating large people on airline Free sex chat no credit check

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It also is an airline known for having a lot of planes that are full.It filled 70% of its seats in May, roughly the same as last year, and about the same as the industry's average for domestic flights.

New boarding passes The change will take effect the same day that Southwest begins its switch from numbered plastic boarding cards to electronically generated paper boarding passes that show, among other things, whether a passenger has bought a second seat, Turneabe-Connelly says.Southwest says it began reviewing its policy two years ago after passengers complained.Southwest frequent flier Jerome Bannister of Nashville applauds the airline's decision.Southwest says the courts have ruled in its favor in two cases in the last decade.Two years ago, a woman weighing more than 300 pounds, Cynthia Luther, claimed discrimination after Southwest asked to her to buy a second seat on a flight from Reno to Burbank.

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"It's not their fault," says airline industry consultant Mike Boyd.