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Adult character

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Nemo Nobody adult: [meets by chance at the trainstation] Anna!

Biologically, an adult is a human or other organism that has reached sexual maturity.

In human context, the term adult additionally has meanings associated with social and legal concepts.

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After the social construct of adolescence was created, adulthood split into two forms: biological adulthood and social adulthood.

Thus, there are now two primary forms of adults: biological adults (people who have attained reproductive ability, are fertile, or who evidence secondary sex characteristics) and social adults (people who are recognized by their culture or law as being adults).

Depending on one's jurisdiction, the age of majority may or may not be set independently of and should not be confused with the minimum ages applicable to other activities, such as engaging in a contract, marriage, voting, having a job, serving in the military, buying/possessing firearms, driving, traveling abroad, involvement with alcoholic beverages, smoking, sexual activity, gambling, being a prostitute or a client of a prostitute, being a model or actor in pornography, running for President, etc. I wish time would stop right now, that it would stay this way forever. Sport your favorite movie characters with shoes from the Adult Character Collection at Crocs!Historically and cross-culturally, adulthood has been determined primarily by the start of puberty (the appearance of secondary sex characteristics such as menstruation in women, ejaculation in men, and pubic hair in both sexes).In the past, a person usually moved from the status of child directly to the status of adult, often with this shift being marked by some type of coming-of-age test or ceremony.

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Conversely, one may legally be an adult but possess none of the maturity and responsibility that may define an adult character.

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