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Adult sex dating in blue anchor new jersey

Though its icy blue-tinged water might seem inviting, especially on a hot summer day, locals warn their children to stay away from the Blue Hole and to never go swimming there.

Tales of unexplained whirlpools which suck down hapless swimmers have long been part of the Hole’s lore.

As we approached the Blue Hole though, the atmosphere seemed to change.

Its waters remain curiously cold, even in the hottest summer months, averaging about 58 degrees.This fact accounts for why the water does not contain the same murky color as the river, and might also be the reason for the mysterious surges of current.Scientific rational does little to lessen the mysteries of this curious body of water though, which seem to run as deep as the Blue Hole itself.To keep up to date on this story and all the other weird goings on in the state subscribe to Weird NJ and we’ll deliver it to your door.If your local book seller, newsstand or convenience store doesn’t carry Weird NJ, just tell them to call us toll free at 1-866-WEIRDNJ and we’ll be happy to stock your favorite store for you.

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