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In an interview with Deadline, Chris Mc Carthy, who oversaw VH1’s turnaround and now serves as president of MTV, VH1 and Logo, talks about VH1’s future as a reinforcing brand.

He addresses the scripted strategy for the network, whose slate released today did not include any new scripted projects beyond the previously picked up series MCCARTHY: The key of Bob’s messaging is that the Flagship Six are the brands that have global presence, it’s how we build on that presence, how we bring back these wonderful and iconic film franchises, the legacy of MTV Films, and how we fully actualize the global potential for these brands.

Right now we have tremendous success with all of our primetime shows, but I love being in live, we work very hard to make sure our shows have more live viewing than anything else, creating these watershed moments in all of the shows.

We would love to have a daily strip, we have to figure out what is the right mix, right combination, but for right now we have such great success (in primetime), we don’t want to slow it down.

Having said all that, I think opportunistically Bob has asked us to look and see whether there is an opportunity to strengthen if it makes more sense.

That’s an area we’ve had great success with projects like was unrelated to anything else other than the fact that it is such a cultural phenomenon.

VH1 is a special brand that is incredibly dominant in the U. We have no plans of stopping or slowing down, if anything, we are getting behind it in a bigger way.

This year alone we’ve had 4 of the top 5 unscripted series, 9 of the top 20.

When Rita was ready to go back into focusing on her music career, we looked at a group of (host) potentials, and Tyra said, ‘I would love to come back, I would love to figure out how we take the show to the next generation and widen the scope, to welcome models of all shapes and ages, to bring the brand to a different level.’ MCCARTHY: We haven’t made plans to move it forward to Season 4, we think it’s a great, fun format, we would like the opportunity at some point to reinvent it but for right now we felt the shows and assets that we have made more sense as we head into the year.

(There also are no current plans to continue with MCCARTHY: We’re wide open to doing stuff in late-night.

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While she signed up for the show’s premise, Nizewitz alleges she didn’t realize that would mean she would be shown naked below the waist, given that the show is supposed to blur out contestants’ private parts, the story reports.

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