Asian muslim dating

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Asian muslim dating

Many young Muslims growing up in North America today share Dev’s uncertainty.

We’re used to customizing everything from our Facebook feeds to the news we read to the possibility of “designer babies,” so it makes sense that we seek a partner who meets our romantic specifications. Religious spaces like mosques are typically gender segregated, and many Muslim millennials who grew up in North America find the idea of arranged marriage outdated.

In many cases all families are involved in finding candidate for marriage.It’s completely free and revolutionary way to meet somebody interesting.Giving you unique privacy and location based matching just to be sure you will find ideal match.Dev is unsure about getting serious with his live-in girlfriend and holds a lackadaisical perspective that comes from years of dating flakes.Unlike his son, Dev’s dad had no choice but to select his wife from two arranged marriage presentations, so when Dev opens up about his ambivalence toward commitment, his immigrant father scolds him for his indecision.

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It’s the rest of my life, so why wouldn’t I want a say in it?

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