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Mac Kay was the PC member of the Board of Internal Economy and the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

For much of the race, Mac Kay was the clear front-runner.

As the results of the third ballot were called, Mac Kay's campaign manager, PC Senator Noël Kinsella, hastily arranged a backroom meeting between Mac Kay, Orchard, and their campaign advisors.

During the meeting, Mac Kay reached a deal with his rival, and Orchard emerged from the room urging his delegates to support Mac Kay.

Mac Kay and his family now reside in The Beaches area of Toronto. His father, Elmer Mac Kay, is a former PC cabinet minister, lumber businessman, and lawyer.

His mother, Eirene Macha Mac Kay (née Delap), is a psychologist and peace activist; through her, Mac Kay is descended from James Alexander, 3rd Earl of Caledon and James Grimston, 1st Earl of Verulam.

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With the defeat of the Conservatives in the 2015 election, Mac Kay was considered a potential candidate to succeed Harper as permanent leader of the party.

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