Blogroll not updating

Posted by / 25-Dec-2017 10:31

Blogroll not updating

I want to become more informed, challenged, and made to think.I don’t want their programmatic “reversion to the mean” forcing me to read more memes, jokes, political vitriol, and useless content.Better that I be nagged to read things I know I’ll get value out of than defaulting to the fast food-esque fluff that, like many others, I turn to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because it’s “easy” to consume.I’ve also now compiled a year’s worth of reading data for things that I’ve read online.

Every day these black box algorithms are choosing more and more of what we read and consume.

In older iterations of the web, this would have been known as a blogroll, but I think it’s time to update the concept and potentially add some new features and functionality to it.

It’s also time to upgrade its status on my site, so I’m moving it from a widgetized sidebar area on my front page to its own page under my “About” menu.

To fight these algorithms, particularly those found in Facebook and to a lesser extent in Twitter, I’m going to cut them off at the knees and consciously choose a set of specific streams to read and engage with.

Because I control what goes in to the system, I’ll know exactly what comes out.

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As a member of more social sites that I have desire to count, I’m often overwhelmed with email, text, and other notifications from many of them.