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The emulation of the vultures can be interpreted in terms of an association with the death process.

The elaborate decoration of the shrines suggests the presence of a 'priesthood', and presumably, some concept of an afterlife.

These five bone rings (x1 - x5), had been cut from a single bone and were found on the left hand of juvenile skeleton 2119, burial 200..the east-central platform of Building 1.

Ground stone tools found at atal hyk include axe heads, mace heads, querns for grinding grain, ornaments such as pendants, and mirrors of obsidian.

in Egypt, that the procession of the equinoxes was a recorded phenomena from long before the Greeks.

Just how far back is a question yet to be answered, although it is tempting to associate the prehistoric veneration of cattle with the 'age of Taurus', which occurred at the same time as the constellation of Taurus was the 'rising' constellation at the equinoxes.

It has also been suggested in relation to this, that the Sphinx was a remnant of the 'age of Leo', and that Christianity is symbolic of the 'age of Pisces'.

It is perhaps worth noting, in relation to this theme, the discovery of a marble figurine of a kneeling/sitting 'twin-goddess', as well as a scene on the wall of a shrine showing twin goddesses with two heads, two bodies but a single pair of legs.

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"This figurine depicts a seated figure and was hailed as a typical Catal hoyuk 'Mother Goddess'. this figure has a hole in the top of the body for the attachment of a head, which is missing.

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