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Chris egan dating amanda seyfried

When Sophie finds a 50-year-old letter hidden away in the wall, she embarks on an unforgettable journey, with the letter's author Claire and Claire's priggish grandson Charlie as her companions. The glorious scenic locales inhabit this movie, and they invite you to buy into the mood and the tone.

Or, actually, she tags along while Claire goes off on her quest for lost love while Claire's grandson casts disapproving glances her way. I honestly didn't think Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan exhibited that much chemistry, although Seyfried is wonderful and pitch perfect in her role, but Egan left me unengaged, sorry to say.

When she offers to do her thing while he does his thing, he calls this a "Win, win" situation.It's cold outside now, so get warm under a warm throw, pour your favorite drink, turn off your source of political and world news, and relax with this calm, lovely romantic comedy. My sister-in-law recommended this movie to me because she knows I adore good movies.Well, I loved it so much that I purchased 2 copies: one from and the second one from Walmart because Amazon wasn't deliverying it to my address fast enough. A love story that is told through the eyes of the old and young.Highly recommended for everyone who's sick and tired of movies where the elderly star ends up dead at the end.Brief summary: Sophie and her fiance, Victor, go to Verona Italy, home of Juliet.

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Christopher Egan is an excellent choice for Amanda Seyfreid's love interest. Personally, she has experienced major hardships: the death of her talented daughter, Natasha Richardson, the daughter of director, Tony Richardson, and then her only sister, the unforgettable Lynn Redgrave, but her talent still reigns in this one as her character sets out to find her true love in this remarkably funny, but touching romantic masterpiece.