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For Condoleezza, affection and caring must be expressed in tangible acts or service of some kind.Condoleezza Rice feels that little, daily acts of caring and thoughtfulness are essential to the happiness and success of relationships and she knows how to make others feel accepted, loved, and cherished. Condoleezza Rice tends to be touchy, defensive and rather territorial, and if she perceives a threat to her family or home or personal safety, she can be quite aggressive.Condoleezza Rice has a sympathetic nature and instinctively reaches out to people in need of help.Rice also has a deeply ingrained tendency to want to improve or "fix" other people's lives, which can be annoying to the person who has no desire to be changed or "helped" in this way.Both Bumiller and Blitzer concurred that Condi is still seeing Gene Washington, a former NFL player and now the league's Director of Football Operations.Condi's relationship with Washington is nothing new.

The mystery of Condoleezza Rice's sex life never grows old.

She brought him to White House last year for Queen Elizabeth II's state dinner.

Condi has always insisted they are "just friends." But Bumiller suggested that relationship might go beyond the friendly kind.

Rice often appears irrational to others because she cannot always explain the reason or source of her feelings.

Anyone who lives with Condoleezza Rice must accept her ups and downs and appreciate Condoleezza's need for times of withdrawal.

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