Cyberlink power dvd not updating

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Cyberlink power dvd not updating

Knowing how much data it takes to run an HD screen I wasn’t expecting video to work at all but for full-screen 720p You Tube videos, I didn’t have any problems.

I saw frame drops on full-HD high-bitrate movies and at a low-locked CPU clock but given that you can run one or two screens from the built-in Ultrabook display adaptor anyway, is that really a problem? One thing you won’t be doing on this is multi-screen gaming.

I played a 720p You Tube video in fullscreen and watched the processes carefully.

At 100% CPU clockrate (1.7Ghz for this test) the Display Link processes took up to 10% with an average of around 6%.

The Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 is the latest in a range of Dynadock products Toshiba have sold for the last three or four years.

They combine a number of USB-based adaptors in a standalone unit that enhances the desktop experience and reduces the need to plug and unplug cables which saves time and wear.

See our article on Ultrabook Desktop configurations here and find out more about setting up a home and office environment.

There’s a built-in USB hub offering 4 USB3 and2 USB connectors. Supplied with the unit is a power supply (that matches the Toshiba Z830/Z930 adaptor – useful if you’ve got one of these Ultrabooks) a USB3.0 cable and a DVI to VGA adaptor.

The dock appears to have a small USB drive module and auto-run software will install Display Link drivers.

These are unlikely to be the latest versions but are good enough to get everything up and running.

Video – How to Set-Up and Use the Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 I’ve been using the set-up for a few weeks now and have to say that I’m impressed.

The quality of the ‘virtual’ screen adaptors exceeds my expectations.

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