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Although the Challenges Diaspora since…: 1995 at the tender age of 10 My story: A female’s perspective from an Ethiopian diasporan Joys: – There is mutual understanding of certain habesha phenomena, which make for wonderful awkwardness if the understanding is not there.– There is a certain kind of ease to the relationship due to the lack of familial friction.Every place we frolicked into and out of feels now desecrated, once by your presence then again by your absence.The word “dating” is taboo back home, at least that’s what I remember back in the late 80’s or early 90’s when I was growing up.Like the gloom of an untimely loss, it casts itself over me absolutely. Long-subdued rainbow colors explode into a hyper-reality as I speak a word, you breathe another and a sentence comes out dancing to its own rhythm.It’s a high so thorough that catches me unawares even when I see it coming, it conjures a world uninhabitable to anyone but us.And for the freaks in the bedroom, they don’t have to worry about getting judged. folks are always talking in Amharic even if the person next to them doesn’t understand the language…

You are both familiar with the culture and language, no need to explain everything, which is great but for the freaks in the bedroom it is kind of difficult to be comfortable with their partner because they will get judged by him/her.– You feel each other’s dilemma – the neither-here-nor-there, the one foot in Addis, another in the States, dilemma, which lies at the core of your mutual existence.Challenges: – Contrary to common and natural assumption, there can be profound disconnect between an Ethiopian woman and man.You make towards departure; our exclamations stammer mid-sentence.My, my, body, mind and heart together tug at me to keep you another minute, entice you into a wordless kind of play. Hush time with me; watch how these tectonic plates lock, drift, whirl around each other. Just at the thought of it, a denial more overwhelming than submission.

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Terra incognita it may be, I’m swift to throw it all up in free fall; let it settle into its own place.

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