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Dating age rule of thumb

The development of hedges over the centuries is preserved in their structure.The first hedges enclosed land for cereal crops during the Neolithic Age (4000–6000 years ago).Often they serve as windbreaks to improve conditions for the adjacent crops.When clipped and maintained, hedges are also a simple form of topiary.In essence, hedgelaying consists of cutting most of the way through the stem of each plant near the base, bending it over and interweaving or pleaching it between wooden stakes.This also encourages new growth from the base of each plant.In parts of Britain, early hedges were destroyed to make way for the manorial open-field system.Many were replaced after the Enclosure Acts, then removed again during modern agricultural intensification, and now some are being replanted for wildlife.

Many hedgerow trees are veteran trees and therefore of great wildlife interest.The first two are particularly effective barriers to livestock.Other shrubs and trees used include holly, beech, oak, ash, and willow; the last three can become very tall. The wall at the base is a dirt parapet that varies in thickness from one to four or more feet and in height from three to twelve feet.The hedgerows of Normandy became barriers that slowed the advance of Allied troops following the D-Day invasion of WWII.Formal, or modern garden hedges are grown in many varieties, including the following species: Hedgerow trees are trees that grow in hedgerows but have been allowed to reach their full height and width.

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Originally, the main purpose of hedgelaying was to ensure the hedge remained stock-proof.