Dating agencies akron ohio

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Dating agencies akron ohio

You’ll spend a good part of your time together at the Nature Realm, taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the springtime blooms and autumn leaves in the Cascade Valley. You’ll be happy to know they like to take things fast—on the racetrack that is.And if the first time you experience a soap box race is with your Akronite, are you in for a treat.

Akronites have been going to the National Hamburger Festival for the last nine years, so they definitely know hamburgers.

The festival is a truly awesome time time with at least 25 restaurants serving more than 50 burger styles.

Not to mention the contests, live music, and plenty of beer and wine.

These aren’t the cut and soon-to-die variety, but the potted kind that live forever.

While you’re there, maybe you can try out geocaching and find some other hidden treasures.

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Akronites won’t be shy about saying they’d like a three-way—or even a four-way or five-way.