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If someone is a conservator of the person and later decides that he or she needs to be appointed as conservator of the estate, he or she can file a new petition for conservatorship and, this time, request to be appointed as conservator of the estate.In appointing a conservator, the court is guided by the best interests of the conservatee.Some of the court forms shown on the video are outdated, but the information the video provides is current and relevant and may help you understand the process better.If you want to understand what a conservator's duties and responsibilities will be, read the Judicial Council's Handbook for Conservators.Also, the conservator of the person, conservator of the estate, and limited conservator of the estate must attend the training for conservators offered by the court.

If there is another way, an alternative to the conservatorship, the court may not grant your petition.

The main duties of a temporary conservator are arranging for the temporary care, protection, and support of the conservatee, and protecting the conservatee’s finances and property. Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Conservatorships LPS conservatorships are used to care for adults with serious mental health illnesses who need special care.

These conservatorships are used for people who usually need very restrictive living arrangements (like living in locked facilities) and require extensive mental health treatment (like very powerful drugs to control behavior).

Being appointed conservator of the person does NOT automatically make that person the conservator of the estate.

If someone wants to be conservator of both, the person and the estate, he or she must petition to be appointed as both.

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