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Nevertheless, it goes against most Human Resource rules and can get you fired.So, what should you do if a co-worker declares their love for you and you want to avoid it? Make Your Intentions Clear Never blur the boundaries of work and your personal life.But if that's a chance you're willing to take, then here are the tips you need to date someone in the same office.It's been said that most people in this world want two things above all else: to make money and to find love.It’s almost inevitable for you to be attracted to someone who gets this stressful part of your life.Other people would also say that an advantage of workplace romance is the safety of starting a relationship with somebody you already know rather than dating someone you met at a bar or a club.

So it's only natural that we sometimes have better luck finding romantic interests in the break room than we do in a nearby bar.When you're exploring a new relationship, the last thing you want to do is ponder how it might end, though that's exactly why we're often advised to keep our work life and personal life separate.If you break up, you'll have to see your ex every day.How are you supposed to go to work every day, be productive and have great results while you’re busy hating on your ex? You Might Have Legal Issues If your workplace romance ends up going horribly wrong - which is very possible - there is the possibility that a lawsuit might ensue.It usually happens when a superior is dating a subordinate(one of you is a manager, and the other is an assistant).

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The more information you give, and the more you let someone into your life, the easier it will be to strike up a romance. Don’t be Alone with a Coworker Spending alone time with a colleague can lead to difficult circumstances.

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