Dating celestion vintage 30 updating wii opera flash 9

Posted by / 10-Feb-2018 22:40

Dating celestion vintage 30

I would rather have good metal frame with my speakers.

Celestion USA anounced it back in 2003 I think there is a post on TGP about it.

Just to clarify, the Avatar Hellatone 60's fall into two different categories.

Regular Hellatone 60's are normal Vintage 30's, nothing special about them.

Thats like saying a guitar's wood does not matter as long as the hardware, pickups and electronics are all quality US or German made.

I'd be much more worried about how my speaker was made and the effect it has on my tone than whether or not the frame holding my speaker was going to corrode after 200 years instead of 210 (random numbers).Low carbon content is why the Chinese steel sucks, in the USA and the UK most steel is around 30% carbon content in sheetmetal applications.Chinese steel is 6% Carbon content tops, most is just food grade or medical grade 3% Carbon sheetmetal.But I wonder if a frame made with less rigid steel might flex, or impart some sympathetic vibrations when you've really got it loud and cranking.Its probably not an issue, but my Tone chasing OCD mind cannot help but ponder this I understand where you're coming from.

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