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Dating gousha maps

Most consider road maps a byproduct of the automobile, but the earliest road maps depicted European routes for horse-drawn vehicles.

Rand Mc Nally's first road map, the New Automobile Road Map of New York City & Vicinity, was published in 1904.

Often a distance matrix is included showing the distance between pairs of cities.

Since it is a symmetric matrix, only the upper triangle is displayed.

Road maps can also vary in complexity, from a simple schematic map used to show how to get to a single specific destination (such as a business), to a complex electronic map, which may layer together many different types of maps and information – such as a road map plotted over a topographical 3D satellite image (a viewing mode frequently used within Google Earth).

Highway maps generally give an overview of major routes within a medium to large region ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand miles or kilometers.

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