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Dating on demand mr whiskers

So I decided to give him a chance and now he is pulling away! In other words, be your own priority and put yourself at the top of your love list.Some “loving myself activities” include: getting a massage; buying yourself flowers; saying kind things to that amazing person in the mirror or taking a class or course that brings you joy.Ask and answer the following: Are we both being fed in this relationship (e.g., emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, sexually, etc.)?Secondly, after careful review and processing, develop a plan to effectively address (e.g., speak with your mate in a respectful manner, increase the listening and decrease the complaining, etc.) and prepare to receive feedback (e.g., taking responsibility for role, hearing results of your actions, etc.).What is true in *all* cases is that his behavior is about *him* and not about *you*.So, if you are in any way disturbed by it, ask yourself, “What message about *me* am I reading into his behavior?

The greatest value in love relationships is the mirror that they provide for you to see yourself, so that you can use that information to become whole. Reflect on your own perceptions When a man pulls away, you might panic and think, “What did I do? Or, maybe he has his own issues relating to being controlled, and wants to figure out if he can get *enough* space to manage this fear within your relationship. He may be checking to see that he’s not pressured by you and is able to take healthy space.Now this does not mean you should remain in a situation in which you are blamed for everything or feel as if you have been beat up and disrespected.However, it does mean there are two people in a relationship who feed off each other’s behaviors, resulting in an emotional rollercoaster.

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