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Dating profile what you39re looking for

In the end he relented, but as he strode out behind a man dressed as a coat of arms to be introduced in the Upper House, it was clear that the, at that point Mr Mc Connell esquire, could hardly wait to get out of his red robe and fake ermine.

He looked a lot less comfortable than the new Liberal Democrat peer Floella Benjamin, the former presenter of children's TV programme Playschool, whose presence did lead to some speculation about what shaped window the new inductees would appear from.

But could it be, some whispered, that Lord Mc Connell was actually thinking back to the last time he was photographed in strange garb?

That Tartan Week picture of him posing in a pinstripe kilt in New York back in 2004 provided devolved Scotland with its biggest cringe yet and has haunted the poor MSP for Motherwell and Wishaw ever since.

Whether that made the Upper Chamber any less elitist was a matter of some debate.

But, celebrating his humble origins, his new title was adopted from the sheep farm he grew up on as a boy which made it all the more appropriate that the doleful looking Lord Howe – once famously described in the Commons as a "dead sheep" – was sitting nearby observing events.

With fitness top of the agenda this month, the Capital's gyms have seen a flurry of new members desperate to shape up once and for all.

But, in addition to counting those calories on the treadmill, workout wear should be top of the agenda to keep motivation high so that you don't fall off the wagon.

Stretch Lycra tops hold everything in place and allow for movement and there are a wide variety.There was no shortage of opponents grumbling that he should not be there at all.Within a few hours of his investiture the SNP were asking how Mr Mc Connell could remain an MSP and serve in the House of Lords?Whether you're pounding the pavements, slogging it out at the gym or working out the mind, body and soul with Pilates, a brand new kit bag could be all the inspiration you need to maximise exercise enthusiasm."If you look good then you feel good irrespective of how unfit or overweight you feel," agrees Edinburgh stylist Laura Wilton."For many people, getting fit is a big step and a good gym outfit will give them that little bit more confidence.

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The key is to feel good about yourself and if investing in a new sports kit is the key then this will help to keep you on track for the new you."So what should we be wearing?