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Or fed up that your free membership doesn't give you access to contacting functions?We reflect our users' negative experience with other dating websites.Not to mention the inner tempest I feel when it is implied that we, the disabled, should give up on dating outside our own demographic.I understand that disability doesn’t apply to most of your readers, Evan.Read Bridget and George’s love story Bridget’s Top 5 Dating Tips for People with Disabilities Bridget’s Top 5 Tips for Dating Someone with a Disability #Ask Easter Seals Q&A on Romantic Relationships with Autism We had a great Twitter chat about finding love with autism.

We are thus very different to other dating sites and all profiles are genuine.A number of people identify themselves as “not disabled.” A very important niche, ably filled.Click here to go to Dating4I am a 27-year old woman; I walk with a crutch due to a spinal injury. But I found in it a sharply limited pool of men within 50 miles of me, especially if I chose to date someone within ten years of my age.This work is featured widely in Jessica Kingsley’s book .We offer all this for free: on the Sex and Disability Helpline, SHADA, SHADA International, the TLC website, and the Sexual Respect Tool Kit.

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