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Drupal dating

Facebook integrated - combine the power of Facebook and Drupal, instead of building a user register pages from the scratch - integrate Facebook login to fill most of the user data, .

Luckily a few years ago I already worked on a similar project, and back the we implemented Simple FB connect, see: Drupal Simple FB connect User Form Theming Drupal powered, with most ot the code already written, build and extend using Drupal modules, like views, relationships, user profiles and so on Bootstrap theme for quick visual development.

Of course, they are customizable too both before and after publishing.

All procedures were made as simple and clear for you as possible, so you can easily add the needed content to the website.In coming days, weeks and months I will try to write down technical notes for building such system, as said, right now I don't see a business interest here, just professional how to.If project Drupal Dating CMS will turn out successful I might share the project on official page.Recently a friend of me contacted me and asked could I help to program a dating site according to his own web design - at the start I replied - not interested, as there are zillions of dating sites out there, and I'm kind of bored trying to build the next big thing.Let's agree - dating business is a very competitive thing, and without a solid budget for marketing it could be very tough. On the other hand, the Drupal geek woke up inside me and I started to think - what if, and could we build a hypothetical dating website using Drupal CMS?

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Choose one today and deck it up to get those couples together!

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