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Erotic chat frum

What Hashem wants is for the woman to follow the law and have a good, mutually satisfying sexual relationship with her husband.The “last” class I speak about biology, including his and hers, usually with diagrams and horror stories, details/tips for the first time and first few times, that he may like things that seem strange but if she is comfortable to go with it, etc.. The overall feeling by the last class is that she and i have a relationship, and that i am there for her at any and all times.This means that a husband must not treat his wife in the manner of [those] who perform their marital duties in their clothes. He may have intercourse with her whenever he so desires and kiss any organ of her body he wishes, and he may have intercourse with her naturally or unnaturally [in any manner], provided that he does not expend semen to no purpose.Rabbis Learned or Teach about Sexuality 1) Those classes explicitly taught that I (as a woman) should expect sex according to the frequency I choose, that sex was holy and good, that it invited G-d and blessing into our marriage, and that if its frequency drops below night plus both Shabboses during the “on time,” we should talk about it because that could be a sign something is wrong in our marriage, such as grudge-holding, stress-level, or even health problems.I am specific about the areas of both bodies, use diagrams/pictures from a medical book when necessary. I say that these are my set times to see how everything is going.Outside of this they are encouraged to call/text/etc with any questions, even if they are “dumb” questions.We were told that sex is meant to be a naked activity.We were told that if we know there are things we like, we should specifically tell our husbands we like those things, because then we will enjoy ourselves more.

Besides the troubling word choices used by the author, like “tainted” to describe how Orthodox Jews consider a woman who’s in niddah and “semi-quarantine,” to describe the period where a husband and wife are separated, the article also gave the impression that many Orthodox Jews have repressed sex lives.

She showed a diagram of the female anatomy and pointed out and named every part.

She said, “The man’s sexual organ serves as a reproductive organ and it provides him with pleasure.” She noted, though, how a certain part of a woman exist for no purpose other than to provide her pleasure.

Of course, there are people with problems and there are also Jewish opinions on sex out there that are more restrictive, but there are so many healthy relationships and sex-positive quotes from the Talmud and books on Jewish law, so for the sake of showing the other side, I decided to compile some of these sources and asked our fans (particularly the Haredi ones) to write in about the way they were taught to view marital intimacy (or how they teach it to others – if they do that sort of thing).

Since this is a site that is read not only by adults, I will use euphemisms instead of being completely graphic.

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It’s not immodest to ASK when something is bothering you.

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