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In tropical and subtropical gardens the Ethiopian banana is a popular ornamental, producing very large 'banana leaves' marked by a conspicuous purple to purplish-brown midrib.

The underground stem (rhizome) is also boiled and eaten like potatoes, or chopped up and left to ferment.

The yellow or orange-coloured fruits are 8-15 cm long and up to 4-5 cm in diameter, usually with a persistent style and floral remains.

There are usually 15-25 very hard, black seeds per fruit, although numbers vary from 0-40.

In East Africa the large black seeds are used as beads and threaded to create necklaces and rosaries.

Millennium Seed Bank: Seed storage Kew's Millennium Seed Bank Partnership aims to save plant life world wide, focusing on plants under threat and those of most use in the future.

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