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Female roles in dating

Now, I think that either spouse may end up managing the bank account, paying the mortgage and, in general, dealing with a budget—although, often enough, no one is dealing with the budget.

It is common now for husbands and wives to have separate checking accounts.

The current, commonly agreed, “politically correct” plan for marriage is an equal sharing of chores and other duties; but this plan is not followed now any more than it has been throughout history.

In fact, in much of the animal kingdom there is a division of labor which grows inescapably out of different biological imperatives—although here and there in the animal kingdom there are surprising instances of role reversal.

Where a couple lives is still more likely to depend on where the husband works, rather than where the woman works. If someone tosses a ball around with the kids, it is likely to be their father.

If the kids need to be driven to activities, it is usually the mother who does the driving.

Usually, when there are children, the parent who feels most strongly about religion will get the spouse’s consent to bring up the child in that person’s religion.She is also likely to be the one buying clothes for them.Social arrangements, such as dinner with friends, are likely to be managed by the wife.Most married couples develop a shared understanding of who does what in their relationship.It is a sometimes unspoken recognition of an inevitable division of labor and responsibilities.

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Somewhat less common is the practice of some couples of keeping their funds separate.