Gd and park bom dating

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Gd and park bom dating

The paper bag bore a cute note and doodle written by Sandara which said: "Bom~ Enjoy the food!!! After seeing the post, Sandara expressed happiness that Bom already finished off one of the corn pies and told her friend that she would get more for Park Bom when she returns to Thailand.

It can be recalled that Sandara was in Thailand for a few days to shoot for the summer campaign of Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe.

2NE1 might have disbanded last year and BIG BANG may be taking a break because of T. P's mandatory enlistment but their members' friendships remain as strong as ever.

2NE1's Sandara Park and BIG BANG G-dragon In a sweet post, 2NE1 Park Bom shared a snap on her twitter showing two corn pies from Mc Donald's and dried squid from Thailand.

K-pop groups score sold-out concerts everytime and Korean dramas soar to the top of TV ratings, at par with Filipino .

Or Super Junior, Girls Generation, Big Bang, 2NE1 and EXO.

But after four months, the dispute was resolved and Kara rejoined DSP. The Korean-American who hails from Seattle, claimed he unintentionally made the remarks because he was homesick. Kang Ho Dong’s tax evasion case Kang Ho Dong, one of Korea’s top entertainment hosts, was accused of a tax evasion case involving his accountant. Girl’s Generation’s leader Taeyeon admits dating EXO’s Baekhyun Fans of Taeyeon and Baekhyun in Korea felt betrayed when they found out about the clandestine affair of the two singers. 2NE1 member Park Bom’s alleged drug-smuggling scandal A Korean news site published a story about Park Bom, a member of 2NE1 with Sandara Park, CL and Minzy, regarding her alleged smuggling of 82 amphetamine pills to Korea from the US in 2010. Rain breaks army rules Rain violates army policies by dating actress Kim Tae Hee while still in the military. Fan files legal complaint against singer Jang Yoon Jung A fan has filed a complaint against Jang Yoon Jung demanding that she apologize to her mother for her disrespectful comments in the TV show Jang reportedly told the show’s host that her mom has squandered all her earnings. South Korean Ministry of Defense shuts down the celebrity soldier unit of the army after Sangchu of Mighty Mouth and Se7en are caught breaking army rules on camera South Korea’s National Ministry of Defense dissolved the celebrity unit of the public relations wing of their Defense Media Agency after Korean rappers Sangchu of Mighty Mouth and Se7en, who were both serving in the military, were caught on camera visiting a massage parlor. According to the police, Psy was caught smoking marijuana with a composer several times in 2012 at a friend’s house.

But after a year, two of its members eventually left the band, Nicole and Jiyoung. But her management had clarified that the drugs were legally prescribed to Park by her doctor in the US. Psy admitted his offense and was fined for five million won. Hangeng leaves Super Junior The lone Chinese member of the 13-member group Super Junior Hangeng left the group in haste and slapped his agency SM Entertainment with a slew of lawsuits ranging from abusive labor practices to bullying from fellow artists. Chris leaves EXO Chris, another Chinese singer from newly-formed boy band EXO, has left the group and filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for forcing him to work long hours. Singer-actor Park Yong Ha commits suicide The Korean actor was found dead by his mother on June 30, 2010.

On the afternoon of May 6th, YG Entertainment posted a teaser image with the words, “” On the teaser image, the names of YGE artists were posted, such as Big Bang, Psy, 2NE1, Epik High, Gummy, as well as Kang Seung Yoon, and the YG rookie group which has yet to be named.But since it was his first offense, he was not charged with any crime. Jo Kwon’s sexuality issues Rumors about the sexual orientation of 2 AM’s Jo Kwon have been swirling in the K-pop world since he debuted with the band in 2008. See Ya’s Nam Gyuri’s wardrobe malfunction During a performance in 2006, Nam Gyuri of the then-popular girl group See Ya suffered a wardrobe malfunction while dancing to Beyonce’s . Seungri’s sex scandal Seungri, another member of Big Bang, figured in a sex scandal in 2012 after a woman claimed she had a one-night stand with him in Japan.Netizens were able to unearth an exchange of love messages between Kwon and Ukiss member Soo Hyun. A Japanese tabloid published the interview with the woman and photos of a half-naked Seungri sleeping in a hotel bed. Lee Hyori’s producer plagiarizes Jason De Rulo’s songs Korean diva Lee Hyori stopped promoting her 2010 album shortly after its release when netizens discovered that some of the songs in her album were ripped off.In his Japanese caption, Seungri said: "Seriously..that's enough now." BIG BANG members have admitted that they like to mess around with Seungri the most because he's the youngest among the group and its obvious in the photo that G-Dragon is used to teasing his dongseng.

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