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Which home issues are most likely to move a potential suitor to the “Do Not Date” list?

There are whole armies of beta males who spend months and even years in book clubs, at speed dating events, and in bars and happy hours hoping to meet that special someone but coming up empty every time, while convicted murderers sit in cells as ladies basically throw caution to the wind and hurl themselves at them. S., credits the website for introducing her to a convicted bank robber she hopes to marry one day.

Melissa added that she’s been in contact with the potential suspect and even brought that person to the funeral home when nobody was around, so the person could say a final goodbye to her cousin.

All of this was with her family’s blessing, she added. “I don’t think anything that happened that night was intentional. Absolutely.” Is it possible that two giant, feral hamsters, zombified by a disease of platitude prions, are on the loose in one news story? Congratulations, Melissa, you are now our second winner of Hamster of the Month, a prize you share with the esteemed Julie above, sweet girl who knows those murderous alpha male prisoners that leave her snatch sopping are just angels on the cusp of redemption.

(You might want to sign Sparky up for that obedience class.) Having a girl over?

Crank the heat (or air) and take down that ugly artwork: Women are more likely than men to be turned off by these factors.

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Field hamsters are more common in the region of Schweinfurt where Euerbach is located, as the soil there is especially good.