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In recent years, Merjos has transitioned out of her more scene persona and has transitioned into a more elegant fashion designer.

Connections Merjos dated Trace Cyrus, lead singer of Metro Station, from 2005 - 2008.

Only some of the 'virtue' names often attributed to Puritans have been included, and these are names which appear early, quite possibly without Puritan influence (as Smith-Bannister has contended).

Nor have the Puritan 'slogan' names (Fly-Fornication, for example) been included; since these are more like text, they are less useful for this list, and they occur rather late in the period.

In the table below, the name on the left is the modern form wherever this was obvious.

Although the Latin was often used directly especially for female names such as Petronella, the shorter form Petronell appears here.

Merjos dated Christofer Drew, lead singer of Never Shout Never, from 2012 - 2013.

Much depended on the training of the vicar or clerk, which varied greatly and often did not amount to much.

He wrote the song "Dear Hannah" about her after allegations of her cheating.

Merjos dated Martin Johnson, the lead singer of Boys Like Girls, in 2008. Merjos dated Deryck Whibley, the lead singer of Sum 41, from 2009 - 2010 almost immediately after his divorce from Avril Lavigne.

Isabel, the usual medieval English form, was interchanged with Elizabeth at least through the middle 16th c. 'Eliza' in records of this period is an abbreviation for Elizabeth; Eliza was not used as a name until after the period.

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The list, which is not intended to be exhaustive, should be useful in several ways: The above is complicated by the many variant forms a name may take, some of which may not be instantly recognizable - Feleaman and Eayllesander, for example (Philemon and Alexander).

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