Is andy sixx dating juliet simms

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Is andy sixx dating juliet simms

And by the way, if you want to see a band that’s head to toe in paint and makeup, there’s about 30 bands that have come out in the last year and a half that are doing that.

So the stripped-down look – is this a more “authentic” you, or is it another character that’s just the “stripped-down character” instead of the “makeup character?

Do they have fucking cables going up to the ceiling? You look at pictures of Van Halen and shit, they’ve got stacks and stacks.

How could they possibly maintain any amount of electricity in that venue with 9 million cabs.

Okay, we come out and play new songs and they’re “oh, that’s different. ” So they go on stage and take a picture of our cabs and then say that they’re fake amplifiers.

Which, by the way, is so incredibly ignorant, because cabinets are never amplifiers! Unless someone has figured out a way to plug directly into a cab!

Who knows what the next thing is, what we’re going to feel? Like you said, you don’t know what you’ll be in six months, but do you know where you’ll be? Andy: We’re doing a co-headlining tour with Bullet From My Valentine in the States for the Monster Outbreak Tour. A lot of the venues we’re playing are venues we just headlined.

I don’t think that’s going to happen, but right now as it is we’re not sitting around going “man, I wish we were still wearing makeup” or “it’s great that we’re not doing this.” We’re just wanna go out there and perform. POZ: That’s an interesting older band / newer band mix. It’ll be cool to see not only our fans, but theirs. People forget that Avenged Sevenfold did Warped Tour in tents for years and years. I remember, I saw them in like 2004 at Warped Tour. He sang all the fucking songs – this is before they released the singing record. We wanted to be that band where, if we’re going to be on Warped Tour, we want to give them a cool show. Today is our anniversary, and today they let me and Andy plan the whole menu for catering. Andy: At lunch we had chicken wings, this corn that I really love, and BLTs.

Somehow we’re still making music, but would you prefer if we turned these around? We’re Black Veil Brides; we make no bones, we’re not going out here to be the “artistic cred” band.Andy: It’s not her fault, but there’s nobody stepping up to do it. [laughs]Ok, so let’s talk about that – you were on The Voice. Every day we wake up at am and we bust our asses because, shit man, you’re reaching so many people when you’re on this tour! She went on a tour with an artist she had toured with in the past, and the tour was very poorly promoted. People are weird, there are freaks and there are dorks and there are losers and that’s fucking awesome. It’s about you being confident about yourself and saying “fuck you” to the world and that this is who I am and I’m going to represent myself. POZ: That sounds a lot like what Black Veil Brides have been singing about for a few years. You have these punk rock bands that crossed that line way back then.She’s had a lot of mismanagement – people who have, in my opinion, not been there when needed over here career, so…POZ: I feel like that’s been a story since going back to the Automatic Loveletter days. To be completely honest, Automatic Loveletter was me. The reason that it’s Juliet Simms now is because I’m on the show [The Voice]. One thing that we’ve seen a lot of over the past few years is people from the Warped Tour scene going onto . You’re back here on Warped, so that doesn’t seem to be your agenda. Most of her fans didn’t even know she was in the cities she was in. This is a situation where her fans know that she’s here and she’s already at the show. It’s a great situation for any band, and especially an artist that has some sort of appeal or has done something commercially. POZ: And then you could look at a band like Crüe or early Van Halen, they were coming out of that punk tradition as much as metal. I think it dates back to a point even then that it’s such a crossover, that young fans don’t even know what a band like The Dead Boys or The Damned is, and they don’t know that Black Veil Brides is heavily influenced by that stuff. We’ll have kids with swoopy bands doing upstroke ska.Juliet: It’s an ongoing theme for sure, but the struggle, and the fight, and the working this hard is just going to make for a good story. Being up there is all about just connecting with the crowd, connecting with fans, giving your message, and it’s being received really well. It seems like a lot are going there to try to escape from this world, to get into more mainstream territory, more radio territory. Juliet: I don’t have the mentality that is bigger than Warped Tour. Are you seeing folks coming out to see you at Warped who clearly know you from and have never been to Warped Tour? But they do know what Metallica is though, so they can associate with that part of our influence. [Laughs] I think there’s enough punk rock ethic in what metal currently is, or in what people call metal, that you’re not looking at…Initially, you were only going to do a short run on Warped Tour. He really was just like, “you’re going to be on here acoustic, you’re going to be on here for the full thing.”You’ve done Warped as a full band tour with Automatic Loveletter. A band like Bring Me The Horizon, they have a mosh-metal feeling to them. There are always elements of punk rock in the whole festival, it’s just sometimes people can’t see it that way. There’s only one band on this tour, and that’s Black Dahlia Murder, that you could probably classify as “metal” as it is. It’s not necessarily the type of music I buy and listen to, but I go by their stage and go, “Holy fuck, they’re playing guitars!

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There’s a lot of bands I have great respect for…a band like letlive. We might come from similar things, and we can talk about playing VFWs and what that shit was like, but when we’re on stage, we’re the band that has the smoke bombs and the fuckin’ theatricality. I’m sure the next thing will be, like, someone in the band’ll grow a beard and then it will be “beards are gay.” I don’t know, but there will be something. You guys lost a lot of the makeup and longhair that made your reputation in the beginning.

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  1. And I think when you delve further into personhood and personality, you can capture a darkness or capture something that’s more acerbic without being pedantic. And people possess all these contradictions — levity mixed with things that are a little more scary or biting.