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Dating in this fashion may put you in serious dangeractually present a danger to you?Some of the dangers are related to an important Bible principle.They have pursued relationships using the Internet and have hidden the fact from their parents.For example, the parents of a teenage son were startled one day when a young woman who did not share the family’s Christian beliefs arrived unexpectedly at their home after traveling over 1,000 miles [1,500 km]. They thought, ‘Our son could not possibly have fallen for someone whom he had never met in person.’ In fact, their son had been deceiving them—in effect, hiding what he really was.

Online dating has helpfully removed the need to leave your house as you search for romantic partners, but like any kind of dating, it comes with safety risks.

Surely you would agree, though, that nothing is quite the same as face-to-face contact.

If you are “past the bloom of youth”and are interested in marriage, you are facing one of the most important choices you will make in your life.

Of course, many are able to make balanced use of the Internet.

Communication by E-mail can be a very helpful way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.

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