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Finally you persist the changes by updating the List and submitting the query.As I mentioned before the code for registering a Remote Event Receiver is exactly the same whether you are executing it from the context of an App for Share Point or not. When registering a Remote Event Receiver from an App for Share Point, Share Point automatically adds the App ID to the Event Receiver’s registration information.With that Remote Event Receivers align pretty well with the new philosophy of building solutions for Share Point outside of the Share Point platform and using remote APIs to communicate with Share Point.There a number of ways for registering Remote Event Receivers in Share Point, but probably the two most relevant ones are using the Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) in and outside of Apps for Share Point.Please note that, although the registration code is exactly the same whether your CSOM code is running in the context of an App for Share Point or not, I explicitly name those two scenarios and it’s not without a reason.

To change nested attributes, you will need to use the update object method.This Local Data Store Slot is in the SPEvent Manager class, and being static, it’ll be shared across the entire thread, for that current domain.This is interesting, as it leads to an interesting scenario – if you were creating additional threads from your Event Receiver’s thread, then event firing will not be disabled on those. The setting (Disable Event Firing in 2007 and Event Firing Enabled in 2010) must be for the current event handler; if it was the entire list there’d be all sorts of timing issues and weirdness, and a thousand developers would already have screamed in agony.I became curious, though, and wanted to see how it worked.

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One of the consequences of this is the fact, that you will be able to remove that particular Event Receiver only by using the same app that registered it!

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