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Help wanted billboards erected in Springfield promised six-figure salaries to folks who went to work for THR & Associates, a company formed in 2008 that almost overnight became a multimillion-dollar firm.

With Parsons as its president, CEO and sole shareholder, THR set up buying events in hotels throughout the nation, luring customers through newspaper ads, then convincing them to sell coins, jewelry, watches, antiques and anything else of value, especially if it contained gold or silver.

Jennifer Parsons, who filed for divorce last year, owns a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes.

He testified last week that his own bank account has a balance of 0.Not so long ago, Jeffrey Parsons was on top of the world. Parsons, the west side store that sells everything from socks to shoes to hats to watches to pants to historic documents to gourmet cheese, opened the day after Thanksgiving.Parsons was fast becoming a household name in Springfield, thanks to television commercials for the store that were in heavy rotation during the Christmas shopping season, each one featuring himself looking dapper in expensive suits.The couple also owns vacation property at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri where four boats, including one dubbed Dirty Money, are moored.Parsons last week testified that the boats have a combined worth of more than 0,000.

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Revenue last year was $211 million, with a net profit of almost $11 million, according to testimony in the pending divorce case of Parsons vs.

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