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Locatedating com

Furthermore, visual exploration of such data sets is of high value.

The dated profiles can be used for high-resolution chronologies and also offer opportunities for fast screening of lesser studied tropical tree species.

All increment cores were put in paper straws after sampling for ease of storage and labelling, and remained unwrapped throughout the entire X-ray CT toolchain.Throughout the years, the original idea postulated by Polge (1966), i.e.cross-dating using original density profiles, was only possible on a visual basis and on a limited number of samples.Furthermore, despite the potential high resolution, the classic technique is costly, time-consuming and still labour-intensive, hampering fast data acquisition and thus the possibility for high-throughput automated tree ring analysis, although semi-automated density-based delineations of ring width (Mothe , 2002) exist.Furthermore, due to increasing demand for incorporating other sources of information to disentangle tree growth, often involving destructive analyses such as isotope measurements (Schollaen , 2015), there is a need for digitally archiving structural data before further analysis.

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1C), avoiding tedious manual rotation of the object in three dimensions.