Mercurial close branch without updating is dating for 5 years too long

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Mercurial close branch without updating

However, the changes are stored in the history and are available when performing operations on that repository.

Thus, running commands like in such a remote repository will show the full history even if a normal directory listing appears to be empty.

Which works for just about everything, except directories with no files in them.

As empty directories aren't terribly useful and it makes the system much simpler, we don't intend to fix this any time soon.

The summary command will also tell you in brief what branch you're on, whether there are any newer changes than the one you're on, and what the state of your working directory is.

, which reverts changes in your working directory back to that version, but keeps the current parents for the next checkin.This empty path is likely to become mapped to the current directory, and Python will then prefer to look at the current directory instead of its own package directories (containing your installed version of Mercurial).If you reset In version 1.1 of a new repository format was introduced to work around file name limitations on Windows.Change master to whatever branch you want to push your changes to.If you have not cloned an existing repository and want to connect your repository to a remote server, you need to add it in .hg/hgrc Branches are used to develop features isolated from each other.

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This command exists for undoing changes in current versions, not for working on old versions.

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