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Meta dating ua

The tag is used to make IE behave the best it can, in "standards" mode, and if the author knows what he is doing (the page is designed to work in that mode), the tag is useful, due to IE 9's annoying features.

Validation is a tool, not an end, and there is no merit in getting a "clean" "validation" report from an experimental, poorly documented heuristic checker (which is what W3C Validator is in HTML5 mode), checking against an unknown version of some work in progess (which is what HTML5 is).

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What are you using as the definition of "valid", Glynn ?

We always take into consideration the needs of our customers on both sides, that is, both Ukrainian women and foreigners are presented with a well-developed Ukrainian dating site for convenient interaction and communication.It's a very useful tool if you wish to author in HTML5 style - but there's no point in trying to please it in matters like this. Digital access to this material is made possible by the University Libraries, University of Arizona.If you hear Ukraine dating and decide to meet Ukraine brides, go first of all to Odessa.You will meet Odessa brides and of course Odessa girls from Ukrainian dating agency.

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