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I’m so proud of the show and I gotta tell you, the thing I’m the most proud of is, we get to really unleash these fabulous creatures, these beautiful creatures onto the world. I’ve been doing this work for 30 years and you know, except for a few people here and there, I’ve been basically alone in this field.So to have 50 girls who have come through our show [is] super exciting.” While the talent pool might have expanded, Ru Paul will show why he still towers over the competition — literally and figuratively — when he takes his club show around Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.“I’m so happy for you guys because we elevated the show to absolutely amazing heights, really celebrating the art of drag and why it’s so important to our culture and to human beings.“It’s just so interesting to watch and the kids are hungry and they’re talented and funny.Whitby is about four miles to Robin Hood Bay's south.

“I’m amazed by how our culture feels comfortable in fear and in closed-down-ness. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the gay movement sort of close and regress. “Why do we feel so comfortable with fear instead of openness and love?

For example, if you’re a group of 10, enter 5 people in your initial search and then book 2 pitches.

However, where the pitch or accommodation occupancy allows it, you can make a booking for up to 30 adults and 30 children in one booking.

Bay Ness Farm is about 25 minutes' walk from Robin Hood's Bay, across the farm and via an old railway track to the coastline: spectacular views along the way, including of boats in the bay and ships out to sea, come as standard.

From the bay, hikers can join the long-distance trail the Cleveland Way on its 110-mile run from Helmsley to the Brigg at Filey, or just mosey around the town's shops, pubs and tearooms among the old streets.

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