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There was the time in kindergarten when I looked up at the sky and asked why I’ll always be a little “off,” the time when my crush repeatedly asked why I was sad all the time in second grade, and the My Chemical Romance songs that resonated a little too deeply within me in junior high.

There are more adult examples later in life, but they’re not nearly as funny or tragic.

It’s not a conversation of fixing what’s wrong—nothing is wrong with you.

It’s learning how to enjoy spending time with yourself how to enjoy spending time with yourself and another person.

We will be forced to leave things early sometimes, I will cry, I will disengage, you will think it’s you, do you still want to hold hands?

- Free to create your profile with photos, favorite list, ban list and blogs. I go to a lot of concerts, and striking up conversations there felt easier—there’s a mutual interest and I don’t have to force myself to meet Travis No-Last-Name at a fancy restaurant.If I’m jelling with a dude in the crowd, we can get a drink after and see what happens.Managing mood on a day-to-day basis is an uphill, hellish hike of complete uncertainty, but it’s something I’ve grown to understand.Some days, getting out of bed is impossible, while other days I’m reminded that I’ve got a nice life. Dating means my burden gets to become someone else’s for a little bit, and it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would want to join a depressed person on that particular ride.

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Your depression isn’t anyone else’s, but if you are looking to grow a relationship with someone, give them the opportunity to know you first: Warts-and-all comes later if the other person is worthy of your vulnerabilities.

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