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One such member, Marsha Katz, whose husband is in a wheelchair, says: Tags: arrest, cannon house office building, court date, disability, legal matters, marsha katz, medicaid, noah wyle, protest , was also arrested today during a political protest against Congress cutting Medicaid in Washington D. The actor was with 100 other members of the group ADAPT, a group attempting to protect the elderly and those with disabilities from being forced into nursing homes, instead of being able to afford home care! Upon hearing the news of Steve's passing, Noah issued this statement, saying: Tags: apple, bill gates, mac, noah wyle, pirates of silicon valley, steve jobs, telefilm, tnt, tv movie had an extremely impressive series premiere back in June, bringing in 5.9 million viewers!!!

Ursula, however, points out that it's over between her and Joey, and gives her the dress which Joey gave her as a birthday present.At the 1999 Macworld conference, shortly after the premiere of this TV movie, the introductory comments were made not by Steve Jobs, but by Noah Wyle, reprising his role in this movie. We're creating a completely new consciousness, like an artist or poet. We're rewriting the history of human thought with what we're doing. Here's why: Casting Anthony Michael Hall as the world's biggest geek, Bill Gates, was genius.The real Jobs emerged shortly after and traded jokes with Wyle. I recently saw a rough-cut of TNT Originals' Pirates of Silicon Valley. Hall has done such crap in the past few years that we all forgot what a great character actor he is. Turns out -- Apple had it all over Microsoft until the mid-eighties.Wyle and the cougarlicious star were seen last week at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California having quite the extravagant date.The two arrived for a lavish four-course dinner "arm in arm around sunset, and they were dressed to the nines." According to sources: "Noah and Gina are clearly in love. They even have keys to each other's homes." Well this is incredibly troubling.

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"I did four in the first season and I did five this year, and that felt right to me."I've heard people say, 'I wish Flynn was in it more' – I'm sure there's a few people who wish Flynn was in it less!

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