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Online dating sevice for wiccas

Frustrated, a group of Wiccans gathered at the Capitol for a mass mooning in political protest.

Another book soon followed, created by the government, called Witch-Hunting For Fun and Profit.

The religion of Wicca is not accepted or tolerated in the United States of America at all, which is why there are more Wiccans here than anywhere else on the whole damn planet.

As long as Wiccans have been around, there has been persecution of them - Wiccans even in todays world have a highly tuned persecution complex.

Wiccans are known for their expert arts-and-craftsmanship (or to be Politically Correct, "craftsubhumanship").

Wiccans have invented such ingenious and useful things as Wicca Baskets, Wiccarbockers, "dreamcatchers" made from Popsicle sticks and yarn, and Wiccapedia.

The TV series "Charmed" is said to have been a Wiccan plot to take over the US government.However, their plans for world domination have not stopped and through their movie production company they released the box office hit Twilight (2008 film) which, when played in reverse contains an incantation for their mind control spellworking.The Burning Times is a period when 75 Billion Zillion Wiccans were killed everyday by the evil "Xtains" for 3 million years, and are still killing them even now. Even though modern research has shown only 50,000 people were killed in a 500 year period that ended by 18th century, and that none of them could have possibly been Wiccans since it was invented in 1954, THAT'S NOT THE POINT.Others form small groups of believers, called covens, whore houses or brothels.Because of centuries of religious propaganda and misinformation dating way back to 1954 A.

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Part of becoming Wiccanised, means dedication to developing a highly tuned "victim complex" where you fear the world is out to get you and that Christians are oath-bound to burn you at the stake upon discovering you!