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As a settlement, all the cases against Guptas magically disappeared.

The settlement however, also required that he agree to divorce by mutual consent.

"Gurmeet Singh sided with Honeypreet forcing the merger, which deprived Jasmeet of Rs 15-20 lakh in monthly earnings," a Sacha Sauda insider told the police, adding that the son wasn't on talking terms with his father after that.

Honeypreet controlled all the finances, doling out monthly Rs 5 lakh allowances to Gurmeet Singh's real children, a dera hand told the police.

"It was only after all the publicity following the dera chief's conviction that we made the connection," she says.

He also alleged that after not being permitted to consummate his marriage for 11 long years, he faced death threats from Gurmeet Singh's henchmen after he saw the guru engaging in sex with his adopted daughter.

Evidently at his wits' end, Gupta told Bhardwaj and later a news conference in Chandigarh, that Honeypreet was the dera chief's constant companion, even sharing hotel rooms with him when travelling out of Sirsa.

Evidently distraught, the ex-husband claimed a persisting life threat: "I am not sure whether I will be alive after this press conference." Born in 1980 to middle-class parents in Haryana's Fatehabad town, Priyanka Taneja, by most accounts, was an ordinary young girl.

Sunita Madaan, her former class teacher who is now principal of Fatehabad's DAV Centenary Public School, recalls her as being "not very good at studies and just barely scraping through exams".

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The principal dimly remembers that "while she was below average in academics, the girl had a particular fondness for singing and dancing".