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Pay sexchat

Sutherland, also known as William Watson, held chat sessions with men from around Britain, including conversations about underage sex.

During the chats, he would claim to be a monitor interrupting calls, saying they were illegal and would be reported to the police. FOLLOW THE SCOTTISH EXPRESS ON TWITTER Sutherland then told the individuals involved they would be exposed if they did not pay him specified amounts.

Their assistance was crucial to bringing the blackmailer to justice.

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After obtaining personal details from the men, Sutherland said the calls had been recorded and threatened to expose the callers to their family, friends or employers, but indicated this could be avoided if they paid for the recordings to be wiped.

Detective Chief Inspector, Richard Thomas, who oversaw the investigation welcomed yesterday’s sentence and said: “William Watson used a variety of techniques to extort a substantial amount of cash from his victims.

All you need is the ability to talk, be motivated, and above everything else be CREATIVE and FUN.”In practice, the lawsuit says, Tele Pay does no negotiating or booking on phone sex workers’ behalf.

Instead, it says, Tele Pay merely facilitates the sexually explicit calls.

And it may be the first case alleging unpaid compensation for sex talk workers, plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Mahany told this week.

She’s worked there since 2008, fielding calls on sex chat lines.

She says the company, which is based in Glendale, Calif., engaged in a “pattern of intentional manipulation and exploitation” to siphon off workers’ earnings, paying them as little as .20 per hour, in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

“Preying on their sexuality and vulnerability, Watson would disguise his voice and impersonate people of authority.

This allowed him to make threats and obtain thousands of pounds from those he targeted.

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