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Entering the 21st century, in addition to those who escaped the regime for political, cultural, and religious reasons, a growing number of people affiliated with the Iranian government have also immigrated to Canada.The vast majority of Iranian immigrants come from urban areas, particularly large and mid-size cities, and they continue to live in major urban centres in Canada, particularly Toronto.Although Iranians share great pride in their culture and history, instead of a single group, they form a vibrant mix of sub-communities with a common language.Poetry and literature form the basis of regular gatherings of Iranians in different cities, where Iranian poets and writers, both visiting and local, recite their works; additionally there are book clubs that regularly invite Iranian authors from outside and inside Canada.Although less visible than the shops along Kensington High Street, it is a thriving scene that spans everything from stadium pop concerts to poetry readings in cafes and the back rooms of pubs.Established festivals like the Iranian Film Festival and Persian Theatre Festival are now a regular fixture in London’s cultural calendar and many of the stars of Persian comedy and music include London in their international tours.

Compared with other communities originating from Muslim-majority countries, Iranians are on average more secular.

Although most Iranian-Canadians are against the Islamic regime in Iran, vast majority of them are against theses sanctions, because of they hurt people of Iran.

As a relatively new immigrant community with diverse backgrounds of class, ethnicity, religion, politics and ideology, the Iranian community is relatively incohesive.

The range of cultural activities related to Iranian culture is akin to those activities enjoyed by any ethnic group in Canada and include concerts, plays, film screenings, sports, art exhibitions, and volunteer organizations.

Several Farsi/Persian weekly newspapers are available, including , which is the largest weekly Farsi newspaper in North America with offices and affiliates in several cities.

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As familiar as we are in the UK with Persian comedians such as Omid Djalili and Shappi Khorsandi, there is a rich pool of comedic talent from Iran that is well worth exploring.

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