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And what about that stomach drop feeling you get when you accidentally swipe left when you meant to swipe right, and your potential future MFL (Mate For Life…I just made that up) is gone forever?

It happens more often than it should, because, lets be honest, most of the prospects out there are no-brainer left swipes.

“Our team has worked very hard over the past year, it’s nice to see so many positive reviews.

Demanding that any suitors be taller than 6'3" is a rather limiting request considering the average male height in the US tops out around 5'10".Clover is a new dating app that has analyzed all of the downsides of online dating and are attempting to turn it into a more satisfying experience.They have embraced the game changing aspects of mobile dating apps; and realized that most of them are pretty inefficient.They are cluttered with too much quantity and not enough quality (I’m looking at you Tinder). How many people do you think are on Ok Cupid looking for a pen pal?The Clover app, with the tagline “swipe less, date more” is currently a featured under the “Best New Apps” in the Apple App Store.

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"It’s the overall pretentious nature of women on Tinder!