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Predator 3d 20 11 2013

Two decades might seem like the blink of a lizard's eye on top of 65 million years, but the science and speculations of "Jurassic Park" have evolved significantly since Steven Spielberg's beasts first shook movie theaters. If filmed today, the science suggests many of "Jurassic Park" dinos would look a bit more Tweety Bird than Terrible Lizard.

The first film hewed to the long-standing image of dinosaurs as big, scaly reptiles.

While this match-up may seem a little lopsided in terms of size, one shouldn’t discount Predator’s resourcefulness.

Who will take home the title of greatest movie monster of all time, the radioactive lizard from Japan or the otherworldly hunter of Xenomorphs? Predator stood tall against some fierce opponents, and was able to finally kill that pesky Killer Rabbit. Meanwhile, Godzilla beat out Cthulhu for the Heavyweight title.

Or perhaps it was the other way around, that I was not successful in making myself care.

Egyelőre még nincs pontos infó, hogy milyen formában tűnik fel az idei Comic-Conon a Predator, viszont egyes spekulációk szerint a 20th Century Fox vagy a Ragadozók folytatását, vagy a Ragadozók rebootot jelenti be a hét(vége) folyamán.

Last year, a South Korean and Russian team announced their goal of doing just that.

[6 Extinct Animals That Could Be Resurrected] In the film, a fictional educational cartoon credits "thinking machine supercomputers and gene sequencers" with reading dinosaur DNA.

It might be a long shot, but I’m going for the upset here.

With a 3D version in the theaters and a sequel due out next year, the now-classic "Jurassic Park" will roar into its 20th anniversary on June 11.

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Since then, cloning and genetic technologies have continued to advance, with some researchers turning their attention to extinct species.

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