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I figured out quite quickly that Febreze To-Go Spray, a swimsuit, and extra nylons are must-be-with-me side-kicks.Flight Attendant Problem #2: Commuters, Stand-By, & Non-Reving Nightmares If you have ever heard the saying, “Date me, fly free,” don’t believe it.I am worried about maintaining my relationship with my boyfriend because of being based somewhere else, not being home (ATL) a lot, etc. I said yes because the job market is very bad out here right now and I really need a job but I really am not okay with relocating, thats why I applied is because they have a hub out of DEN.Then in my final interview they asked me if I would move to California? I'm freaking out a little every things happening so quickly.

They did however end up having 2 homes, one in Indiana and one in Florida. If you need anything or want someone to talk to, my email is [email protected]:) I'll be more than happy to help in anyway I can! I know y'all had this conversation over six months ago..

All aspects of a flight attendant’s day-to-day are tied into the industry, whether this fact is acknowledged or not.

Being a flight attendant is not just a career, but a lifestyle.

When someone asks me where I live, I stutter, “Well, about that…” I don’t know.

I’m on an airplane more often than anywhere else, and a hotel address doesn’t exactly count as a “home.” My friends joke that I need a tattoo that reads, “If lost, please return to the nearest airport.” That’s about right.

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Well maybe you can transfer to the base you want when its available?