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Rory bushfield dating

'I mean, you're unbelievable and you did a back-double and you jumped off the tower like you were an Olympian.

“Sarah Burke in many ways defines the sport” – Peter Judge, CEO of Canada’s Freestyle Team Sarah Burke – September 3, 1982 – January 19, 2012 On Wednesday, January 18th, after a tragic skiing accident in Utah, Sarah Burke passed away at age 29th.

"I try to live that same life now." After Burke died, Bushfield took up BASE jumping, the high-risk sport of soaring off natural or manmade structures with a parachute.

He completed his first jump in November 2013 on a bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Flying a little higher in the sky, he launched out of the plane himself with a parachute strapped to his back and BASE jumped through the sky to the mountain, to the exact spot where his skis were waiting for him. On his parachute, one word was written in cursive red letters: Sarah.

Rory Bushfield, or "Bushy" as he's known among friends, hasn't slowed down much in the three years since he lost his wife, legendary freeskier Sarah Burke, who died in January 2012 from injuries sustained in a halfpipe crash.

He did that front two-and-a-half straight up and down. My vote would go to Rory, but it's not up to me,' David said, referencing how a 'real dive' to him is head-first rather than feet-first into the water.'Nicole, you redefined the word courage,' explained Steve. 'Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb, 24, showed off her curves as she sashayed along the board - to the obvious delight of a grinning Rory Bushfield - before taking a running jump and leaping into the pool below.The other day in the mountains of British Columbia, Rory Bushfield sat in the passenger seat of a small airplane flying low to the ground.In a precise location, he threw his skis out the window to land on the snow below.Meanwhile, Bushfield, who got his start competing at the X Games, became a veritable ski movie star, appearing in more than 30 films made by companies such as Poor Boyz Productions, Matchstick Productions and Sherpas Cinemas."That was the beautiful part about our relationship -- we got to encourage each other to live as large as we could," Bushfield says.

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Last summer, he discovered he could land his plane on remote beaches on Canada's Vancouver Island when the tide was low. That's what Sarah was here to do, too, and she lived her purpose.

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