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The world’s first lobby for homosexuals, the “Scientific-Humanitarian Committee,” was founded in Berlin in 1897.Schöneberg, a district of Berlin, was considered the world’s first gay village, and in the 1920s, German cabaret became famous for its gender-bending.It was probably Angela Merkel’s most cringe-worthy moment ever: During a live televised debate in 2013, an audience member asked the chancellor whether it would one day be possible for him and his male partner to adopt a child together. “I am unsure what is good for the child, and this uncertainty I would simply like to be allowed to express without wanting to discriminate against anyone.” Four years on, and in another election campaign, the chancellor hasn’t changed her tune. She had “difficulties” with giving gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt, she said, admitting that this might seem old-fashioned.

She has already tugged her party’s conservatives left on a range of issues from eliminating the draft to exiting nuclear power, introducing a minimum wage to admitting hundreds of thousands of refugees.The parliament voted by 393 to 226 on Friday in favour of same-sex marriage.The reform gives full marital rights for same-sex couples and allows them to adopt children.Gay marriage, she fears, would be a step too far, and could cause a rebellion in her own ranks.“Since the beginning, the CDU has stated that legalizing gay marriage would be a danger to family and traditional marriage,” says Axel Hochrein, a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany.

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On June 30, the day before the Bundestag’s summer recess lawmakers voted 393 to 226 in favor of legalizing gay marriage, in a historic move bringing German law on gay marriage into line with most other European countries.