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Engelke was educated in the Canal Zone schools and served his apprenticeship here.

The ooeration of the spray truck must have disturbed the ghost of many a worker of the French and American Canal con- struction era who suffered the tortures of swarming mosquitoes in that area more than a half century ago. Both clinics are conducted by a registered nurse under the supervision of the Pedia- trician at Coco Solo Hospital.

Work was concentrated during the latter part of rhe dry season on t'-e es- cavation of Cucaracha formation which is difficult to handle dining the rainy season.

• • • Five employees ill the Storehouse Division have completed tile six-hour Industrial first- aid training course conducted under the auspices of the Federal Safety Council. It was reported that the contracting firm has re- moved over 600,000 cubic yards of Cuca- racha from the Contractors Hill project and Project 13.

During his stay he visited the Health Bureau and ob- served sanitation practices and other public health activities.

t • lasli t a I ^ t8«k|l 25' 2I 1 lack 1 .'5, 2 7i 4 iaak 2 00; 3 3i -ic. GRAIN— Wheat, unsettled and feverish, with a moderate export inquiry: receipts 96.000 bus; un"raded sprint; Sl.'.i0("s »io- craphical Encvclopedia, of New Tork State, speaking of "this distinguished physiciun: 'Tie per eived that in each of the natiiral sciences he investigator p.-oceeds according to a advice to « on-uuiptiven, many certificat^of ACTCAL CURBS.

Becker has estimated the increase in hot climates at 0.5 Fahrenheit to one elegree of increase in the temperature of the at- mosphere. Dartt, of Owatonna is setting out this spring a new orchard of l,8(Kl apple trees, protected by box elder and Scotch pine. A yard under cover, where cattb on W a piteous appeal U. Al- thongli it is on the renusylvauia n.ilroad (just Ifvoud Kahway), it is not even a stojv piii«» placf. 'cni)ied by tookkee[K-i' The scriljes in Olio end, and at tht- c tiles of all sizes and colors. On benches and tables are batteries of ail descriptions, micro- :-c jpes. From the ¥th to the 26tli of March there were brought to the auditor's otlice 417 scalps, UUE COl'XTY. n3t b9^ Wackened this week', and, although ht« » o^fe^i Wbly whiskerless, his beard has had" nhon^ 'a five days' growth. The present indi- cations point to an unprecedeiitedly large crop of all kinds of small grain in this coun- ty this year. The pocket gopher business opens out brisklv hi Dodge county this spring. r - IN-r FMTi OMAL' DUPLICATE EXPOSUKt r ■■ ■iii Mi*** f r After tlie Stonn, All uitjhl, in thf pauaos of sleep, I heard Tile inuin of t Le mi jwr-wind and the sea Lika t Uc wail of Thv sorrowing children. and we are now lalkiiic,' throi:gh HX) miles of wire, via St. Washington and i'hiladelphi."— the parabola of the West. This is the largest circuit ever attempted, and it would not lout tite feel ten inches high, with a thin fac*. Time i h • fvidi-ntly considers too valuable to waste or\ivr.«n4l deoaration, for his boots have! Harrison, chairnan of the committee on civil service reform, made a speech in favor of removing Sen.\te. Shields, of Mis- souri, for door-keeper, made by General But- ler. 1 We have upwards of 4.(KK) dmikiitg sa- loons in this city. *1« -a very low fi„ure— we"^ find the aggregate receipts to be •mo OO daily annually. Large- as tjiis araonnt ;is we do not bebeve that it is more than half what our total re'eeipts would be. Some «'f our rcadtis will them Hlvcs "Shall now or AMiit until say, plant The followincr is "" extract from one of the lectures of J. Afteward I had business large and lucrative, and my voice in all larse courts was heard pleac iugtor iustice, mercy, and the riglit. The House then took up the case of Doorkeeper Polk, and Mr. Aftet: debate, a motion to adjourn to Monday was carried— 32 to 31. entire session war*- t«ikeu up with along disi-us-.-ion upon the nomination ol (ien. from the ci Tects of n drunken debauch • ■' But now the struggle is over, I can survey the field aui.1 measure the lo.;ses. The demon tore from around me the robes ot my saoicd otlice, and sent mo forth churchless and Oodles.';, a very hissing and byword among men.

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This is put down in medical works as being in temperate cli- mates about 1)8.4 Fahrenheit, and Dr. .shelter, and pay fot it in contented looks as well as in the meire substantial re suits of the pail, in this sort of a yard, with water always at hand, they arc uff the hexif it^ also an iaand only a closer clinging to the cross, \ Hem. It is not in any way related to Mun- ^o Park, the great Scotch- African. Many telegraph wires an* '-"Ifi'stooned from it floor is o!