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The Bullard hammer fell on April 15 2014 when Bullard called Chief Moore into hus office after she had finished with a meeting she was helping mediate.

When she had stepped into his office, he handed her a pile of seven reprimands and told her to read each of them out loud.

The town council even went so far as to pass a vote of confidence for Moore during it's February meeting.

• Be ableto diagnose electrical failures in a timely manner and provide solutions toavoid reoccurrence.

• Abilityto diagnose and implement solutions to equipment issues that are electrical innature.

From operations and manufacturing experts to sales and marketing pros, we always are on the lookout for top talent.

What’s more, our business of industrial bulk packaging exists to help other companies do business.

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  1. Direct distance dialing, which allowed callers to reach other users outside their local calling area without operator assistance, was introduced to the public in Englewood. Leslie Denning made the first customer-dialed long distance call, to Mayor Frank Osborne of Alameda, California.